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From Your Right To Refunds To Tomb Raider Multiplayer - News Roundup 24th December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Christmas? Bah, humbug! There's news to be reported!

Trading Standards: Buggy Games Deserve Full Refund!

From Your Right To Refunds To Tomb Raider Multiplayer - News Roundup 24th December 2010

2010 has provided us with some truly fantastic games... but many of them have been bugged out beyond all recognition. Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIV and the PS3 version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops are all riddled with glitches, and the Office Of Trading Standards has now officially stated that owners of glitchy games are entitled to a full refund or replacement!

When consumers buy goods their rights are always against the retailer, so if there is a problem with a game, the consumer should return it to the retailer.

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that goods should be of satisfactory quality, fit for their purpose and as described. If the game is faulty, then the consumer should be entitled to a refund from the retailer.

(Un)fortunately, subsequent patches have restored a lot of functionality to the likes of New Vegas and Black Ops, meaning that it will now be much more difficult to claim a refund on these grounds. Not only that, but continually playing a buggy game will void your statutory rights to a rebate, allowing you to only claim for "damages." [incgamers]

In essense, it's too late to cry over spilt milk... but in 2011, it's up to us gamers to use this empowering knowledge to demand quality from our medium. Don't just buy and put up with a glitched-out game. Make a fuss and return it at launch. The refund is passed on from the retailers to the manufacturers (e.g. the publishers)- and developers will soon learn that a little more money spent on quality control will pay dividends in the long run.

Microsoft: 2011 Will "Ultimately Be All About Kinect"

From Your Right To Refunds To Tomb Raider Multiplayer - News Roundup 24th December 2010

Microsoft's motion capture peripheral will doubtlessly be found under a fair few Christmas trees this year, but after a few boxing day rounds of River Rush and Kinect Sports, most gamers will be looking for more substantial titles to take advantage of the technology. During an interview with Xbox World 360 magazine, MS UK Boss Steven McGill has stated that Microsoft has a great year planned... but it will revolve around Kinect.

As for the future, we've got a brilliant line-up for 2011 but it's ultimately all about Kinect. Kinect is going to blow people's minds. They're [already] buying it, but we've got a line-up of Kinect games that will blow people away.

Will the hardcore be snubbed in favour of the casual gamer? Or will Kinect blend both audiences by providing completely new gaming experiences? Kinect's hardcore 2011 lineup seems set to do the latter... but only time will tell.

Multiplayer Headed To Next Tomb Raider?

From Your Right To Refunds To Tomb Raider Multiplayer - News Roundup 24th December 2010

Crystal Dynamics were onto a winner with the cooperative Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light, and new job listings reported by MTV Multiplayer suggest that the studio is seeking out a "senior game designer multiplayer" and a "producer multiplayer" to work on a "AAA title." Since they announced their new Tomb Raider prequel earlier this month, the smart money is on Lara's new adventure containing some sort of multiplayer mode.

The job listings are concrete, but this is still a rumour at this stage. It's perfectly possible that Crystal Dynamics are working on an as-yet unannounced title or are just playing around with the concept. We'll keep you updated by the wire.

And Finally...

From Your Right To Refunds To Tomb Raider Multiplayer - News Roundup 24th December 2010

Here's hoping for peace, love and plenty more cheap games. Thanks to our regulars and the epic HUKD crew for making this a fantastic year!

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Hector  Dec. 28, 2010 at 19:31

I think that the Trading Standards issue is just clarification of how the existing law applies to games but it is good to see.

I quoted the Sale of Goods Act when I returned Fallout 3 GOTY PS3 to Amazon about a year ago and they issued an immediate and full refund.


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