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Register a 3DS with Super Smash Bros or Pokemon to get a free game...

Jonathan Lester
3DS, Nintendo

Register a 3DS with Super Smash Bros or Pokemon to get a free game...

...But remember that a new model is out next year!

Perhaps finally realising that announcing a New 3DS with a faster processor will stop people buying the original versions this Christmas, Nintendo have decided to sweeten the deal with a free digital download if you buy and register a new 3DS and one of the big winter titles.

Note that I'm talking about a new 3DS, not a "New 3DS." Oh gawd.

Here's the promotion as it stands. To qualify gamers must register a new(ly purchased) 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL and either Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire between now and January 12th2015. You'll do so by redeeming the included code on your Club Nintendo account (details enclosed).

You'll then be able to pick a free game download, including the brilliant The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Yoshi's New Island, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Party: Island Tour or Pokémon Art Academy.

To be perfectly honest, even though this is a great promotion, I'm still loathe to recommend buying a 3DS this Christmas before we know how the newer, faster, better, kitted-out models are priced. I'd actually recommend holding off unless we can find you a screaming deal!

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