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Remedy Hiring For Alan Wake 2?

Felix Kemp
Alan Wake, Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Hiring For Alan Wake 2?

Staff Wanted For "AAA Console Project"

Despite the original's lackluster success, Remedy appears to be moving forward with an Alan Wake sequel. The overly linear and repetitive Twin Peaks-inspired action-adventure game released last year to a middling critical and commercial reception, but Remedy appear undeterred in their work, with a flurry of job posts on their official site looking for staff to work on a "AAA console project" and the "next iteration of Remedy's unique world-class rendering engine that was previously used in Alan Wake".

The post on Remedy's official site is looking for a Games Programmer, a 3D Graphics Programmer, a Tools Programmer and Tools Lead, and a Gameplay Programmer. "You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy's unique world-class rendering engine that was previously used in Alan Wake," reveals the 3D Graphics Programmer's description, with numerous mentions to a "AAA console project" which is most likely Alan Wake 2.

Interestingly, Remedy doesn't specify what platform the project is on, but does count experience developing for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii as "beneficial". Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed it had not signed Alan Wake 2, suggesting Remedy was considering a multiplatform release for the sequel.

Even more curious is the Game Programmer position, where Remedy appears to be gearing up for mobile or social gaming, with target platforms cited as "iOS & Android, PC and Consoles". Remedy has long promised a new Alan Wake game this year, but denied it was Alan Wake 2 or DLC. Could a mobile or social Alan Wake game be on the horizon? [Remedy]

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ODB_69  Sep. 25, 2011 at 19:59

Loved Alan Wake which surprised me, never completed a game so quickly, story was excellent!

Late  Sep. 26, 2011 at 12:04

I did eventually complete Alan Wake, but didn't understand it at all!
The box included a code to get some DLC for free, but I don't think I bothered, which is testament to how little I enjoyed the game...


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