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Remedy: 'Traditional Handheld Consoles Need Reinvention'

Matt Gardner
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Remedy: 'Traditional Handheld Consoles Need Reinvention'

The portable gaming landscaping is changing massively right now, and Remedy's executive VP, Aki Järvilehto, has suggested to IndustryGamers that he feels Nintendo and Sony need to reinvent their notions of what portable gaming should be if they want to compete against the burgeoning markets offered by iOS and Android. Remedy, responsible for the moody Alan Wake, more recently revamped Death Rally for iOS, enjoying some success with their first foray into the mobile market.

It is a market that Järvilehto regards as posing a serious threat to a traditional portable gaming model.

'Many smartphones and tablets offer mind blowing value to gamers,' said Järvilehto. 'Right now you can buy tons and tons of fun on iOS with the price of a single handheld console game. Heck, you can get tons of fun for free with advertising based concepts. So I do think the traditional handheld consoles will need to reinvent themselves if they want to compete.'

Järvilehto also contended that in spite of the market 'changing in a radical fashion', and the fact that 'barriers of entry are literally being blown away', in contrast to Nintendo's much-publicised stance on the matter, the rapid expansion of these new gaming models 'is not about devaluation'.

'I can't see how the fact that mainstream consumers are finally embracing our industry could be negative. After all isn't that what we've been hoping for since forever?'

We want to know what you think. Are traditional handheld platforms in jeopardy? Does app-based gaming suck? Let us know what side of the fence you're on, if you even believe there's a fence at all. [via GI.biz]

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Gunn  May. 24, 2011 at 13:11

I don't get these comparisons, they are not the same thing, I don't see why both can't exist.


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