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Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

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Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

We reported last week the summer release for the free of charge Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD remake that is currently in the pipeline from Italian indie outfit Invader Games. The project has been developed using the Unreal 4 engine and includes improved 3D modelling, lighting, particle effects, tuned-up gameplay plus new textures and animations.

The game has actually been in development for just over two years with a playable alpha version for the PC releasing back in October of 2014 when the game was originally using the Unity Engine.

We love Resident Evil here at Dealspwn (not you, Resident Evil 6) and genuinely can't wait for the release of Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD. Not just because it's free, there's also reasoning of nostalgia from our happy memories of Resident Evil 2 back in 1998.

Of course it's all good and well producing a remake PC gamers want, I mean who wouldn't want a free to play HD remake of Resident Evil 2? The gamers will be ecstatic and I'm sure the developers can truly feel happiness for the amazing work they have achieved over the past two years. But has anybody taken a moment to ask Capcom what they think of all this? After all, Resident Evil is their brand, and in a day and age of remakes are Invader Games potentially just stripping finances from the deep pockets of Capcom?

Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

Despite recently releasing an HD remake of the original 1992 Resident Evil, we've actually heard nothing from Capcom about the possibility of their own Resident Evil 2 remake. Until now.

Capcom have taken to Facebook today to ask us what we feel about the possibility of a Resident Evil 2 remake.

Hello Resident Evil fans!
This is Capcom R&D Division 1!

First off, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to all Resident Evil fans, for your passion, enthusiasm and continued support for the Resident Evil brand.

Enthusiasm for a Resident Evil 2 Remake is something we've been hearing from you over the years, and has drawn some recent attention in the media.

However, as the team owns the RE brand, we're not certain how we feel about this approach, and would like to ask your honest and frank opinion about the “Resident Evil 2 Remake” and what the brand identity is supposed to be about?

Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

With over 5,000 comments since the question was asked, Capcom have a fair few answers, all of which are quite positive, the cash register must seriously be ringing back at Capcom towers.


A full remake along the same lines as the resident evil one remake same style as resident evil 2 with newly done backgrounds added features but with the same gameplay and story though expanded on. Not a slapped together game in the style of re4-6 but the old original resident evil soul.


I personally would love to see the original trilogy remade. They were some of the best games on the PS1, and still are to this day.


I think with TODAYS current content and capacity you could probably fit both 2 and 3 into a remake. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do with todays graphics. Look at Square Enix, they have went back to FF7, a game from 20 years ago and a game that people have been HOUNDING for years now. Finally, the fans got what they want, 7 is being remade. I think that, for you to make a remake of 2, would be a great thing publicity wise, and fan wise. People want to see your games in their HD glory, I LOVED the remake of RE1 and the style, it was scary and i was always scared of turning corners if i knew the zombie would be waiting.
Resident evil 2 was probably one of your bigger stapled games for the company, and the series and it's easy to see why. So, yes i do think it would be good for a remake, but not just for the sake of a remake. I think it would be good for the company and for fan appreciation. thank you for reading

It's quite safe to say from reading these and the other comments that a Resident Evil 2 remake would be received well from the gamers. But the question is - by who? On one hand we have a fully fledged, ready to release version from the Italian indie team Invader Games that we already know is going to cost us nadda, zilch, nothing. Capcom on that other hand aren't going to put man hours into a project like Invader Games have and offer us the Resident Evil 2: HD Remaster free of charge are they?

Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

In a world of all round happiness Capcom would allow Invader Games to continue with their near complete Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD whilst they concentrate on more important issues, like maybe Resident Evil 7. Maybe we should ask our own question:


Dear Capcom,

Thank you for your recent concern regarding our interests for a potential release of a Resident Evil 2: HD remake. Although we fully appreciate you asking us where we stand with our opinions on the prospect of this future project we have fully set our sights on the upcoming Invader Games title Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD, which incidentally will be free of charge. Could we possibly suggest that in replacement of you having your R&D team spending time on Facebook directing questions over a 13 year old game you could possibly concentrate on more pressing matters, namely Resident Evil 7.

We're not going to tell you how to do your job, but we strongly suggest when using any of the previous entries of the franchise as reference you forget anything after Resident Evil 4.

Thanks Capcom


What do you guys think? Invader Games or Capcom? Do you even want another Resident Evil remake?

Let us know.

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kantongbolong  Jul. 30, 2015 at 16:13

good video trailer !!!

Last edited by kantongbolong, Jul. 31, 2015 at 13:02
Adventchild  Jul. 30, 2015 at 17:15

Why don't they just help invader games with the RE2 remake and release it on consoles?

Invader Games gets their name on something, and Capcom get to charge console owners (of which I am one)

Breadster  Jul. 31, 2015 at 02:20

The fan remake is cool, but I don't want to play Resi 2 in Resi 4's style. So yes, I would buy a Resi 2 remake from Capcom if it was like their Resi 1 remake.

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