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The Last Remnant £6.98 @ MyMemory [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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The Last Remnant £6.98 @ MyMemory [XBox 360 Games]

The Last Remnant feels like something exquisite that has been utterly ravaged to the point that it can be hard to see the inner beauty for all the mess surrounding it. If you can dig deep, past the shocking frame rate, ghastly texture pop in, ridiculously frequent loading screens and host of other issues then you may well uncover a game that you really enjoy and for less than ten pounds I think it's well worth trying. MyMemory is currently offering The Last Remnant for just £6.98 including delivery which is less than half the price of the next best offer! Furthermore, My Memory is the only retailer offering the game for less than £25 which actually has it in stock right now.

Set in a fictional world filled with human-like races, The Last Remnant is a tale of ancient artifacts (the titular “remnants”), extremely desirable for the curious powers they possess and therefore the cause of much conflict and even war. You play as Rush, yet another sulky young man, who sets out to rescue his sister from kidnappers but quickly finds himself embroiled in a political clash over the mysterious remnants. Rush feels like a bit of a blank canvas (apart from the stereotypical JRPG protagonist's dour disposition) and not especially deep but his co-stars at least have more to offer and the story that unfolds around him is far reaching and monumental.

Rush's world is beautifully designed, with each of its cities possessing a unique and distinctive character and many awe-inspiring landmarks. Likewise, the character models are pleasing and rather charming. However the hard work put in by the talented team of artists is completely marred by the myriad technical problems and ridiculous loading times. These constant frustrating irritations and interruptions severely intrude on the gameplay and make it near impossible to immerse yourself into this world which is a serious problem in a game of this type.

Combat differs somewhat from your typical turn based rpg. You recruit fighters and then group them into “unions” and then, when on the field, instead of very specifically choosing what action each member of your party will take, you instead offer broad commands so that they know whether they ought to be healing, fighting, using magic or acting defensively but the exact method is up to them. How you find the combat is down to individual taste really, some people need to control the minutest details of what goes on in battle and therefore hate this style and the apparent randomness of which actions are available to you can be extremely frustrating at times.

The Last Remnant has a lot going for it but it's hard to think of anything that it really offers that you cannot find better elsewhere. It's even harder to sincerely recommend it in the face of so many glaring errors. But it doesn't feel like a bad game so much as an unfinished game that was released too early by mistake.
If you are a fan of the Japanese RPG genre then this is at least worth a punt at the current price – just be aware that it may not sweep you away in the way that you will so badly want it to.

Thanks to whizzkid from Hotukdeals!

The Last Remnant £6.98 @ MyMemory [XBox 360 Games]

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Luke  Sep. 13, 2009 at 01:11

this is £12.95 now


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