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The Last Remnant £9.99 @ Play.com [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
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The Last Remnant £9.99 @ Play.com [PC Game]

Once again Square are back and doing what they do best. Their latest contribution to the world of RPGs comes in the form of The Last Remnant: a truly first rate effort in terms of storyline and gameplay - even when compared to the mighty Final Fantasy Seven. The game is currently being offered by Play.com for £9.99 which is a superb deal given that the next cheapest copy you’ll find (according to price comparison) is from Zavvi at £14.95.

Like most of the Square storylines, Last Remnant is initially quite simplistic. Living on a remote island called Eulam -  far removed from the chaos of the mainland - Rush Stykes lives with his sister Irina. However their innocent seclusion is shattered one day when Irina is abducted by a group of soldiers . Determined to get her back, Rush gives chase but is inadvertently drawn into a chaotic world where people are locked in a vicious struggle for control of the remnants: ancient artefacts containing immense power.

As you would expect, this leads the player into all sorts of adventures as Rush must not only fight to rescue his sister but also to stop a catastrophe which threatens to shatter the entire fabric of existence (typical Square!). In terms of battles the game follows a similar sort of turn based format to Final Fantasy. However Last Remnant is all about fighting in large groups, and as you progress through the game you have the opportunity to acquire more members. These groups of fighters are referred to as Unions which can be altered in terms of their formations, attacks, defence and magical statistics.

So if you like nothing more than getting stuck in some really long winded -single player narrative, Last Remnant certainly fits the bill. However according to its IGN review, although the story is good at drawing you in, it does verge on being slightly tedious (although many gamers completely dispute this!). Another problem with the game is that it is lengthy to install as it requires Steam - so you must have a working internet connection. But if your fed up with all those MMORPGs and want to get back to something a bit more deep and personal, Last Remnant is the perfect addition to your game collection.

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