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REPORT: Battlefield Premium Gives Early DLC Access, One-Time Fee

Matt Gardner
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REPORT: Battlefield Premium Gives Early DLC Access, One-Time Fee

#Earlier in the week, we reported on a rumour from fan site Battlefieldo, delivering whispers on a Battlefield Premium service that might be coming as EA's answer to COD: Elite. Now, having received information from multiple sources, Battlefieldo are reporting that the initiative has been confirmed, and will offer rewards to those who sign up for the service.

Reportedly, Battlefield Premium is alleged to contain "all 5 Battlefield expansion packs with early access, new camos, and exclusive in-game items for a one-time fee".

This means that Battlefield Premium will include the upcoming expansions for Battlefield 3: the June 12th release Close Quarters; Armored Kill (due out in autumn), and End Game (slated for launch this winter). A mysterious, shadowy piece of DLC is also slated for March 2013, but DICE are being very cagey on that.

It sounds a lot like a DLC-centric Season pass, which might well please a number of hardcore Battlefield 3 fans. And if not, well you'll still be able to pick up the DLC when it comes out as you please. No word on how the staggered release schedules will affect the service though, considering that Close Quarters is releasing a week early for PS3 owners.

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DivideByZero  May. 19, 2012 at 14:03

Great, so early DLC access to maps no-one else will be playing yet?!

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