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Report: Dead Space FPS In The Offing?

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Dead Space FPS In The Offing?

Dead Space 3 Still Alive Despite Near-Death Experience

Dead Space 2 was a thoroughly enjoyable romp, and common business sense would tell you that its critical acclaim guarantees the franchise a third outing. However, a new insider report from Kotaku alleges that Dead Space 3 was almost cancelled - and EA are working on an FPS based in the Dead Space universe. It's a big claim, and we've got the megaton info below.

First things first: that Dead Space FPS. According to Kotaku's "insider" source, EA is desperate to make the Dead Space universe "bigger and better" with a first person shooter - an idea that's actually got past form considering the superlative Wii and PS3 rail shooter Dead Space: Extraction.

An arcade flight sim or twinstick shooter is apparently also in the planning stages.

Dead Space 3 is also reportedly in development despite nearly being axed - and will take place on frozen ice planet Tau Volantis that replaces dank corridors with bright arctic tundra. Cooperative play will be supported on top of competitive multiplayer. The insider states that it will be the last Dead Space title to feature Isaac Clarke as protagonist, bringing his story arc to a close.

Naturally, this is still very much a rumour - but one that ties in with recent reports. We'll keep you updated.

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mckinstry  Nov. 30, 2011 at 11:58

If its not broke, don't fix it. I'd be keener to see Dead Space 3 in a new location. The second game still felt a bit too enclosed for being on a large station.


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