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Report: EA To Buy PopCap For $1 Billion?

Jonathan Lester
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Report: EA To Buy PopCap For  Billion?

It's no secret that every major company is trying to get their foot into the increasingly lucrative and overhead-free casual market... and according to new intel from TechCrunch, EA may be about to seal a deal of momentous proportions. PopCap, one of the juggernauts of the mobile and browser gaming scene, is reportedly in final-stage acquisition discussions with the mega-publisher - with the sum of $1 Billion US on the table.

This huge outlay will provide EA with a ready-made powerhouse for casual development (supplementing Pogo, who aren't exactly pulling their weight), and if it goes through, they'll be a force to be reckoned with. Or, you know, they'll make PopCap release fifty new DLC packs for Peggle before the year is out.

We've certainly heard that PopCap are involved in merger talks - and we'll keep you posted about whether or not EA are the prospective buyers. [TechCrunch]

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Phil  Jun. 23, 2011 at 12:11

Well at least it isn't activision who would release a dozen map packs for 'multiplayer' peggle that without you can't play against your mates unless you have them all!

Jonathan Lester  Jun. 23, 2011 at 12:31

Personally, stepping out from behind the news desk for a second, I really hope that PopCap stay independent at this stage. The indie and app scene is about to explode into a new golden age thanks to low overheads, high profit margins and genuine imagination, and the last thing we need are big (and increasingly out of touch) corporate goons stamping their own vision of the future on the major players.

EDIT: However, as Late says below, a billion Dollars is an obscene amount of money.

Late  Jun. 23, 2011 at 12:44

Holy hell, that's a lotta money! I've no idea how much money PopCap makes, but I can't see them turning down a billion dollars if that figure's accurate.


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