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Report: Indie Devs Abandoning Xbox Live

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Indie Devs Abandoning Xbox Live

Heading To PSN?

We've heard it all before - in many of our interviews. Microsoft just isn't treating their independent developers properly either on Xbox Live Arcade or the Xbox Live Indie marketplace, causing many to consider jumping ship to Sony, Steam or Apple. Boutique studio 2D Boy has done a little digging and produced some worrying results, suggesting that fewer studios will be developing for XBL than ever before due to an "excrutiating" experience dealing with the Redmond giant.

According to research undertaken by 2DBoy's Ron Carmel, 48% of polled indie developers have slammed Microsoft's working arrangements as "excrutiating," and indicate that fewer of them will consider making another title for the service over the coming year than ever before.

Almost half of those who worked with Microsoft described the experience as “excruciating”.

Given that ease of working with the platform owner was voted the most important factor in choice of platforms, it becomes perfectly clear why XBLA, despite being a very strong channel with a large audience and huge earning potential, is dropping in popularity among these developers.

Report: Indie Devs Abandoning Xbox Live

Though the XBLA service certainly won't wither and die thanks to strong third party publisher support, the disaffected Indie scene may well be looking for a new home. PSN has shown a remarkable upswing thanks to generous grants and support infrastructure, as well as the ever-increasing importance of the minis range. You can check out all the data and details here, and I heartily recommend doing so. I'll put the feelers out. [via IndustryGamers]

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