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REPORT: Kaz Hirai to Become Sony President

Josh Clark
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REPORT: Kaz Hirai to Become Sony President

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Kaz Hirai is to replace Howard Stringer as Sony president as early as April of this year.  Stringer will retain his roles as chairman and CEO.  Sony will finalize the change at a board meeting in February.  The news comes less than a year after Hirai was named executive deputy president, but one many will deem a good fit.

Reuters reports that an individual with 'knowledge of the situation' has said of Hirai and Stringer: "They have different styles and strengths.  The president mantle has obvious significance".  They also point out that Sony have historically chosen a president linked to the electronics arm of the company, 'making Hirai a logical choice for the post'.

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