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Report: Nintendo To Announce Massive Losses?

Jonathan Lester
Financials, Nintendo, Uh-oh

Report: Nintendo To Announce Massive Losses?

The fact that Nintendo is currently floundering is one of the market's worst-kept secrets, and it seems that their reluctance to release more first-party games or reveal solid Wii U specifications may be about to cost them dearly. A report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei [via Reuters] suggests that Ninty are about to post massive first-half losses of £823 million, which has been blamed on the 'strong' state of the Yen compared to other currencies such as the Euro (resulting in 40 billion yen in foreign exchange losses). Nintendo's share prices have dropped seven percent since the report was published, and their operating forecast is set for a 27 year low. It's a sad state of affairs for the legendary company - if true - and we'll keep an eye on the situation when Nintendo publish their financials tomorrow.

With any luck, a strong Wii U reveal and launch titles, along with an increased number of 3DS titles and impulse sales over Christmas, will help to put them back on track.

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gunnx  Oct. 26, 2011 at 16:55

Anyone want to explain how the company who have sold the most units this generation are in trouble. What did they do with all the money they made? bonuses gone mad? 360 and PS3 will have cost so much more in development and manufacturing but perhaps being part of a bigger empire allows this. Maybe Nintendo need to be bigger than just hardware and software.

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