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REPORT: Nintendo NX devkits in the hands of developers, could be out in 2016

Carl Phillips
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REPORT: Nintendo NX devkits in the hands of developers, could be out in 2016

Some very interesting reports have emerged this afternoon regarding Nintendo's new home console. According to the Wall Street Journal website, Nintendo have already been distributing devkits for the NX to developers, meaning development of the hardware could be much further along than previously thought.

The hardware will reportedly include "industry-leading chips" and a "mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use." This mobile unit may well be the device discovered by NeoGAF earlier this year, which will apparently include scrollable shoulder buttons along with a touchscreen and just two face buttons instead of four.

REPORT: Nintendo NX devkits in the hands of developers, could be out in 2016

It's all a bunch of wild internet speculation right now, but if this all ends up being true it could end up going beyond what I wanted the Wii U to do back when it was called Project Cafe - offering a remote-play-style console experience on the go, whilst simultaneously removing the need for another separate handheld console. A full reveal for the NX (along with its actual name) is expected at next year's E3,with analysts predicting that it could arrive before the end of 2016 (possibly with the new Zelda game as a launch title.)

So, with all we can do until then is discuss the potential this hardware could have, do you think this report has a hint of truth? Will we finally see home and handheld gaming unified in one hardware experience? Let us know in the comments!

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Late  Oct. 17, 2015 at 00:41

I'm hoping against hope that this is false, and the nx is a traditional home console. Three years after ps4/xb1 (1 year from now) it should be possible for Nintendo to put out aa competitively priced machine that beats both of those consoles in every respect. With a powerful machine, third party titles are a certainty, and they have some fantastic titles of their own. They could be big again.

Unlikely to happen, though, as Nintendo just can't help but try to be different and innovative.

Crazy Jamie  Oct. 18, 2015 at 19:39

I'm with Late on this. For my money the Wii U actually has a stronger library than either the PS4 or Xbox One thanks to the stunning first party titles, and that is with very little third party support. The last time Nintendo 'won' a generation in terms of sales was way back with the SNES, which coincidentally was also the last time they released a 'standard' console with no 'gimmicks' (some would argue that the N64 controller wasn't a gimmick, but I remember it even being quite odd at the time, let alone in hindsight). If Nintendo just go head to head with the PS4 and Xbox One with a combination of power to attract third parties and a strong first party line up, they could genuinely compete in terms of sales.

Then again, I don't think Nintendo are just different for the sake of it. Like it or not, even with inconsistent sales figures for the last few consoles they have a lot of money, so from a business perspective their track record is still very strong. They're also still dominating the handheld market, so I actually see no reason from a business perspective why they wouldn't decide that continuing to 'innovate' is not the way to go.

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