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Report: PS4 Performance "Significantly" Outstrips Xbox One, Claim Development Sources

Jonathan Lester
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Report: PS4 Performance "Significantly" Outstrips Xbox One, Claim Development Sources

"Xbox One Is Weaker And It’s A Pain To Use Its ESRAM"

According to some anonymous "high-level game development sources," Sony's next-gen console is leaps ahead of Microsoft's machine when it comes to raw performance.

EDGE Online's sources claim that memory read speeds are 40%-50% faster on PS4 compared to Xbox One, with a similar disparity in terms of the Arithmetic Logic Unit. Though the Xbox One features dedicated ESRAM memory designed to speed up data transfer (a bit of an oversimplification, but we're not a tech site) and recently received a clock speed upgrade, the results still ostensibly favour Sony's machine.

"One basic example we were given suggested that without optimisation for either console, a platform-agnostic development build can run at around 30FPS in 1920×1080 on PS4, but it’ll run at “20-something” FPS in 1600×900 on Xbox One," claims the magazine.

"The clock speed update is not significant, it does not change things that much,” quoted one of the development sources. “Of course, something is better than nothing.”

Microsoft has also allegedly "been late on their drivers and that has been hurting them," while the hardware is still "not locked down" for either console. The difference between both machines is both "significant" and "obvious," apparently.

There are plenty of important phrases to take away here, including "significant," "without optimisation," and "anonymous." Whether this alleged performance gulf actually makes a practical difference after games are optimised remains to be seen - and multiplatform launch titles will likely be broadly identical on both platforms due to tight deadlines and the constantly-changing driver situation. Naturally we can't wait to put the two machines through their paces.

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