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REPORT: Rainbow Six Going Back To Its Roots

Matt Gardner
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REPORT: Rainbow Six Going Back To Its Roots

A 'source familiar with the Ubisoft shooter' has apparently informed Kotaku that a new Rainbow Six game is in the works, and that it's shaping up to be a lot like the Rainbow Six of yesteryear rather than the COD-tinged adrenaline rushes of R6: Vegas and its sequel. Although those games were indeed good fun, there have been some fans longing for a return to the far more tactical nature of the original titles which had you mapping out waypoints for your squadmates and planning combat strategies before slipping quietly into the fray.

According to Kotaku's source, 'Rainbow Six will be a far more story-driven game than previous iterations of the Tom Clancy branded title' and will herald a return to the classic gameplay mechanics of the original games - foregoing anarchic firefights for stealth - although Kotaku reports that it will retain the innovative cover mechanic found in Vegas.

The story,as reported on the site, follows counter-measures taken against a group of terrorists looking to attack New York City, disgruntled by the avarice witnessed upon Wall Street, who look to strike at capitalism's heart.

We've heard mutterings of a new Rainbow Six title for a little while, although this is the most so far. Ubisoft, perhaps naturally this close to E3, have declined to comment on the report. Will we see a reveal next Monday at the Ubisoft presser? Time will tell.

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ODB  Jun. 3, 2011 at 10:34

Deja vu perhaps but I'm sure you have already ran this story previously?

Personally though I own them both I've never tried R6:Vegas. Though I used to love the old technical style of the 1st one....amazed me you could spend hours and hours planning out the perfect mission, mapping out every movement of every squad member etc...only to either see it all go hideously wrong or have the perfect mission lasting a matter of seconds!!!

Matt Gardner  Jun. 3, 2011 at 12:36

The sense of satisfaction as your team deploy perfectly and execute their mission in seconds with minimal fuss is utterly brilliant...but yeah, 'hideously wrong' was rather more often the case for me!

I really enjoyed Vegas and its sequel, although I don't actually think I've clocked either of them fully yet. Something for a few days off once E3 has died down a bit perhaps.


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