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REPORT: THQ Failed To Break Even With UFC

Matt Gardner
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REPORT: THQ Failed To Break Even With UFC

Ailing publisher THQ have said that the UFC franchise, which was recently snapped up by EA as revealed in the latter's E3 press conference, failed to break even.

THQ have revealed that UFC Undisputed 3 would have had to have sold 2 million copies in order to break even, but that the game "only" managed 1.4 million units despite favourable reviews. To be fair, that's actually not a bad amount for a game that made a loss.

The report comes via Gamasutra, who tapped a Wedbush Morgan analyst (who shall remain unnamed as we banned all references to this person after the awfulness that was The Pach Attack) who'd spoken to the publisher.

Gamasutra, the publisher spoke to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, telling him the break-even point was two million copies sold.

The sale of the franchise to EA led to the closing of THQ's San Diego studio, which is reported to have employed around fifty developers.

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socialjeebus  Jun. 9, 2012 at 05:32

Needing to sell 2 million copies just to break even, either that's one expensive license or they've blow a shedload of money on development.

There didn't even seem to be that much of a step-up from the last UFC.

No wonder THQ is struggling.


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