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Report: Wii U Euro Launch Slips Into December

Jonathan Lester
Delay, Nintendo, Rumour, Wii U

Report: Wii U Euro Launch Slips Into December

Gamepad Manufacturing Issues To Blame

According to a new report from CVG, the Wii U may miss its heavily-rumoured November release window in Europe due to the complexity of its Gamepad controller.

The rumoured delay, which may be contained to European territories due to Nintendo's determination to roll it out in time for the American Thanksgiving holiday, has been squarely placed on the Gamepad peripheral by CVG's sources. This tablet-based controller contains a 6.2 inch touchscreen, motion controls, Near Field Communications, an onboard power supply and camera, thus making its disparate components both costly and expensive to assemble in sufficient quanities.

Nintendo's "manufacturing nightmare" is probably the reason why it's taking them so long to announce a release date, let alone a price point. They need to do so soon, and more importantly, start marketing like crazy.

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Late  Aug. 10, 2012 at 15:41

Wouldn't be surprised to see the release slip into next year, to be honest. As you say, we've still been given very little info - no release date, no pricing, and not much info on the hardware.
And if those of us who are keeping an eye on things have no idea what's happening, those who are only casually into gaming or aren't really into it at all have even less of an inkling of the what/when/how/where.

That latter category includes an awful lot of parents who will be doing their Christmas shopping soon. And if they don't know the U is coming they won't budget for it - which will prove costly to Nintendo even if they do manage to get the machine out worldwide before Christmas...

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