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REPORT: Wii U Sold 308k Units In Japan In First Week

Matt Gardner
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REPORT: Wii U Sold 308k Units In Japan In First Week

That's 15,000 Fewer Than The Vita's First Week Sales

According to data apparently procured from Enterbrain, the Wii U's first week in Japan has been a little underwhelming, with Nintendo's latest console failing to match up to the first week figures for it predecessor...and, interestingly, the Vita.The report suggests the Wii U sold 308,570 units in its first week on sale in Japan, which clocks in at around 70,000 units fewer than the Wii sold on its debut (371,936). It’s also nearly 15,000 units behind the figures for the PlayStation Vita over its first week.

“It’s hard to give a final judgment [sic] unless we see sales for two or three weeks,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Securities Co. in Tokyo. “The Wii U got sold out because of a shortage in supply.”

According to Enterbrain, the top-selling game for the Nintendo was New Super Mario Brothers U "at an estimated 170,563 units", with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate racking up around 107k units sold. [Bloomberg]

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wonkypops  Dec. 11, 2012 at 11:36

Alternately, you could present the story as 'Wii U sells out in first week', or 'Supply chain problems limit sales of Wii U', or even, 'Have phones and tablets undermined sales of hand-helds?'

An interesting view on this would be to compare first week sales of, say, Persona 4 Golden to those of Mario Brothers U- I can't seem to find the numbers online.

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