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UPDATE | REPORT: Wii U UK Prices Coming In At Around £250 For Basic, £300 For Premium

Matt Gardner
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UPDATE | REPORT: Wii U UK Prices Coming In At Around £250 For Basic, £300 For Premium

Ah the exchange rate...so reliably ignored by console manufacturers. Nintendo completely failed to announce a price point for the Wii U during their Nintendo Direct broadcast earlier today, but early retailer pricing is putting the Basic package around the £250 mark, with the Premium pack up around £280-300, and the ZombiU bundle at about £320.

Tesco have already gone live with pre-order prices at £249, £299, and £329 respectively and MCV have apparently spoken to a couple of "high end UK retailers" who've suggested price ranges for the three packs:

MCV understands the trade price for the Basic Pack is £205, the Premium Pack has a trade cost of £246 and the ZombiU version (which includes the Premium Pack and a copy of Ubisoft's horror shooter ZombiU) has a cost price of £270.

One of the sources said he expects the retail prices to stick at around £250 for the Basic unit, £290 - £300 for the Premium unit and £330 for the ZombiU set.

Meanwhile, the retail games have an RRP of around £50.

Some of our network's own sources suggest that tomorrow may well see price reveals from a number of other retailers.

For the moment, SimplyGames have listed the Basic and Premium packs at £209.99 and £249.99 respectively, similar to the price point Gamestation is rumoured to be readying for announcement, but there are no pre-order options for either there as yet. Big purple overlord GAME are only taking £20 deposits at this time, with no word on an official price yet.

EDIT: Amazon.co.uk have listed the Basic at £249.99 and the Premium at £284.99

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billybillybillybilly  Sep. 13, 2012 at 18:24

Pretty much just threw up in my mouth a little. £250 I could stretch to, but not for the basic version. I'll be waiting for the inevitable launch time price war if this is the case.

ODB_69  Sep. 13, 2012 at 19:02

What a failure this will be at those prices. The £250 premium would have sold but that's shocking. Ripped off again. I was 100% buying earlier on...not a chance now!

Late  Sep. 13, 2012 at 20:34

Completely ridiculous if £250 sticks for the basic.

Kopite211  Sep. 13, 2012 at 20:35

If this is the price of the Wii U I dread to think how much the ps4 and 720 are going to cost!

RiKx  Sep. 14, 2012 at 10:15

Watching the trailers I'm shocked! NintendoLand looks like an indie game on the PC (no dis-repect to them they are awesome)but with a £50 price tag?! I honestly can't see this working, and certainly not at the prices they are discussing. Kids wont want this unless they can play online HADDOCK - Boring ops predictable un-engaging storyline with only 'shock' elements 4. That's all most kids are interested in and therefore most devs. My opinion anyhow.

I just can't see this flying, the Wii sold as do other consoles on launch on strengths that it does what nothing else does at that time, be it graphical prowess, media capabilities, motion control. There is literally nothing new here. Combination of different elements in one place maybe but nothing you can look at and go I NEED this so I can do THAT! A Killer App could save you maybe but where is that? Party games - done before and generally now shelved. New SMB - DONE! Alright there's ZombiU but even if we forget the fact that the Zombie ship has sailed and it's crew have starved of fresh bwaaains to eat then there is the fact that that still has a niche appeal due to violence, gore, and subject matter. Admittedly it will appeal to the haddock kids with uninterested parents and excess cash. But there arn't enough of those to float a console on that alone. Rayman looks good but graphically identical to origins - DONE already. With the exception of the fact that what I got from the trailer was that you could play it on the pad and see the exact same thing on the TV...WOW.

Porting games and just adding elements to include the use of the touch screen / gyro just won't cut it I feel personally. Especially as Microsoft have glass coming out...and remember the six-axis control on PS3 was anybody glad about that when then shoe-horned it into games?! The last time I remember it being used was Dead Space!

Anyways brain splurge over.

Last edited by RiKx, Sep. 14, 2012 at 10:17

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