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Report: Wii U Zelda Game Coming In 2014?

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Wii U Zelda Game Coming In 2014?

Rumoured Gameplay & GamePad Features Leak Out

According to a sensational new report, Nintendo are hard at work on a flagship Zelda title for the Wii U and targeting a 2014 release window. The rumoured project has been described as "the most innovative Zelda game ever," sporting HD graphics, GamePad functionality and a development team numbered in the hundreds.

Wii U Daily claims to have the exclusive scoop on the upcoming Zelda game, which was apparently leaked by the same source who correctly predicted the Wii U's Achievements and MiiVerse social networking application. According to the report, it will use much the same visual style as Skyward Sword, which Nintendo believes to be the "sweet spot" for franchise (in stark contrast to Twilight Princess and the Wii U 2011 tech demo).

The report suggests that Zelda's Wii U debut will sport HD graphics powered by a proprietary new engine. “They’re using a new, state of the art engine that’s being built from ground up in parallel with the game", the source explained. "It’s got the most advanced visual features Nintendo has ever made, and includes a lot of third party tech like Havok for physics and rendering middleware from Umbra.”

In gameplay terms, the experience is being crafted around the Wii U GamePad controller, and plans to fully utilise all of the hardware features.

"Everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities. Every single feature in the controller is used to its full potential. Some of this stuff is still in early stages of development, but they’ve already implemented enough to show just what’s possible with the new controller. They showed some of this stuff to key third party devs behind closed doors last year to get them to realize the possibilities of the new tech.”

“It’ll have some revolutionizing gameplay. It has stuff that would never be possible on any other console, and it’s not just one cool feature, it’s one cool feature after another. Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller. It’ll be the most innovative game ever, they got stuff that will be copied by others for years.”

Dungeons will reportedly be much larger than previous games in size and scope, with numerous side quests and objectives available. Despite having no online multiplayer, various "online features" are on the cards.

Nintendo ostensibly wanted to release the new Zelda game in 2013, but it was too ambitious to finish in that timeframe. The source describes it as "the biggest project they’ve [Nintendo] ever done," suggesting that a 2014 launch window is much more realistic.

"They got hundreds of people working on the new Wii U Zelda game. It’s a 4-year development cycle with a new console, new technology, new engine etc. It’ll end up being the most expensive game they’ve made to date. It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory.”

Of course, be aware that this is all rumours, smoke and mirrors at this stage. What do you want from a new Zelda game?

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Yukes  Sep. 5, 2012 at 15:00

What do I want from a new Zelda game?

Just that - a new Zelda game. It'll be utterly astounding, no doubt, and it would be churlish to ask for more than that ;)

neelsn007  Sep. 5, 2012 at 15:18

My only gripe is they didn't stick with the Twighlight/Tech demo style. I wish they do HD releases of the wii zeldas. Either way it'll be amazing

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