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Resident Evil 4 £7.99 @ Coolshop [PC Games]

Lydia Low
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Resident Evil 4 £7.99 @ Coolshop [PC Games]

Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite games of all time which may be why I have somehow managed to acquire copies of it for the Gamecube, PS2 and Wii... What I don't have is a copy for the PC but considering the fact that it appears to be a half-hearted port of the earlier console versions, I won't be distraught if that never makes it way to my home.

It's currently available from Coolshop for £7.99, two pounds off the next best price I could find (from Game). Be aware that stock is low though, so if you are umming and ahhing then make your mind up quickly!

You take on the role of dashing Secret Service agent, Leon S. Kennedy, on a mission to rescue the President's irritating and irrepressibly perky daughter from a strange village in a part of Europe that remains undisclosed but in which all the residents speak Spanish.

This was the game that saw Resident Evil make the move from survival-horror to more out and out action and shooter gameplay. While some may have bemoaned this change it is hard to deny that the new style of gameplay really works and that RE4 is filled with revelatory brilliance, with many considering it 2005's game of the year.

When RE4 was first released, it really felt like something fresh, new and unique. While this can not really be said anymore, I was pleased to find that returning to it recently, after having played some stunning titles in the interim, it still remains incredibly engaging, fun and tense and as much of a joy to play as ever. The latest instalment in the series, Resident Evil 5, may be beautifully presented and well worth a play-through but I would still far rather come back to Resi 4. There are set-piece scenes in the game which stun and remain with you long after you have completed the 20+ hours of story mode and the story is simple but entertaining and full of surprises.

You get all the extras that came with the PS2 version but nothing beyond except for new costumes for Leon and Ashley and an Easy difficulty option which I cannot see most PC gamers getting much use out of. The graphics have not been upgraded at all, meaning that they can look pretty horrible on your screen up close and you really need a controller to play as there is no mouse support and trying to play with the keyboard should probably be reserved for masochists only. (These dodgy control issues can cause real frustration during sudden context sensitive moments which require your split second precision.) It's not all bad news for the PC Resi player; the audio does not suffer from the lame porting and the game itself of course remains a joy to play. It's a real shame because those gamers who have not experienced this great game before deserve a better showing than this and so does Resident Evil 4 itself.

Thanks to Andywedge at Hotukdeals!

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