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Resident Evil 5 £14.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low

Resident Evil 5 £14.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Resident Evil 5 marked the series farewell to survival horror and ushers in a new era of full on action gaming, with a few scares and monstrosities along the way for good measure. It's a fun

Sadly Gamestation's crazy deal of £15.99 for the limited edition, steelbook version of the game ended in mere hours, before I even had a chance to finish writing up a post about it, but thankfully they are currently offering the plain ol' normal edition for a very reasonable £14.99, which gives you a saving of £2 from the next best offer for the XBox 360 (£16.95 at Shop To), and if you are buying it for the PS3 then you stand to save £3 (next best price is £17.99 from Coolshop)

Resident Evil 5 is infamous for its controversial African setting and images of a heavily armoured white man shooting at poor black villagers with wild, staring eyes and it feels impossible to write about the game and ignore this elephant in the room.
The developers have just about managed to skirt around overt racism though there is plenty here that made me feel uncomfortable. While the motivation is clear, the decision to make small townships as multicultural as Brick Lane on a Sunday afternoon seems as absurd as it is well intentioned.

Moral and political considerations aside, there is a lot to recommend Resi 5. For a start the graphics are fantastic--like its predecessor, this is a game that offers all platforms a chance to show their visual capabilities to the optimum and it is still rare to see a game as aesthetically accomplished as this one.

Despite the loss of the creepy atmosphere found in previous Resident Evil instalments, there are still plenty of great moments when the tension is really ramped up and some fun and challenging boss fights and multi-enemy battles.

The real-time menu system has received plenty of praise but I actually found it more of a hindrance to my enjoyment than a useful addition. While it helps to amplify tension and realism, I found it made it too difficult for me to use any of the more interesting weapons and the small amount of slots available for items had me carrying little more but the bare essentials.

The main campaign lasts a decent length of time and there is plenty to do once you are finished with the main mission, especially if you nab the dlc that offers you two online multiplayer games.

However, despite all the great things that Resi 5 has to offer, it left me rather cold. As I mentioned above, the new menu system eliminated some of the fun of previous titles, at least for me, as I just didn't have the time or space to be mucking around with fun weapons like the mine thrower. Though her AI was good and she didn't need the same kind of babysitting that had to be lavished on Ashley in the previous game, having Sheva as a constant partner was irritating and often caused some unfair problems. Most of all though, I lament the loss of the old survival horror style. Don't get me wrong, I thought Resident Evil 5 was a very good game, I just wish I had felt it to be a great game.

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