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Resident Evil 5 £14.95 @ Direct2Drive [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Direct2Drive, PC games, Resident Evil, Survival Horror Games

Resident Evil 5 £14.95 @ Direct2Drive [PC Games]Copies of Resident Evil 5 are currently available for £14.95 from Direct2Drive in a deal which expires midnight tonight! So if you’re up for a bit of zombie-bludgeoning mayhem (if the RE5 enemies can technically be described as zombies?) then this is a great opportunity to get your hands on the latest edition to the RE franchise. Next best price comes in at £17.73 from The Hut…

For more than a decade, the Resident Evil franchise has gamers breaking out in cold sweats as they flinch and cower their way through some five editions. Capcom really had their formula for terror down to a tee. RE settings never failed to give players a terrifying sense of isolation. They consistently featured disturbing scenes of chaos within secure environments like police stations, and always forced players to go back…

Breaking from tradition in Resident Evil 5 is therefore understandable, but the main problem with this sequel is that by excluding many of the characteristics which have come to define the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom provide little to compensate for it. What results is a game which is less like a Resident Evil survival horror and more like some Black Hawk Down style action/shooter.

There are never any ammo shortages, in fact, bullets fall from downed enemies with such abundance you barely have room to carry them all. By Chapter 2 you’re wielding more weapons than Schwarzenegger in Commando, with MP5s, Shotguns, machine pistols, sniper rifles, and grenades all hanging off you like Christmas tree decorations.

Not that this necessarily a bad thing, but such trigger-happy-action is certainly a far cry from the days when bullets in Resident Evil were like gold dust. It does make the gameplay feel a bit shallow however. ‘Where are all the puzzles?’ I kept thinking. ‘Where are the random items…the crank, the cable, the cog?’. You soon realise there simply aren’t any - almost like there just isn’t time for all that as you rush between areas; mowing down scores of hapless Africans.Resident Evil 5 £14.95 @ Direct2Drive [PC Games]

After getting through half the game without one single scream, you may find yourself pinning for something a bit more edgy. But cowardly gamers like me however - thankful for a Resident Evil edition they can actually play alone in the dark - will probably find this a big relief…

Thanks to Cuddy from Hotukdeals.

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