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Resident Evil 5 £19.98 @ Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Resident Evil 5 £19.98 @ Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]Breaking from tradition is never easy, especially when you risk alienating a well established fan base. However you have to give Capcom credit for taking a gamble with Resident Evil 5, a game which takes the franchise in a radically new direction with a thoroughly decent action game, but one which is far removed from the edgy atmosphere of the prior Resident Evil editions.

Although this may not be to the liking of die hard fans, cowards like me see it as a welcome departure, and will be pleased to know that the game is currently going for £19.98 at Gamestation. This is a great price given that the next cheapest copy is going for £25.79.

Forget wandering the dark corridors of some isolated mansion or walking the streets of some post apocalyptic city, as Resident Evil 5 now takes place in the sun scorched wilderness of Africa. The player assumes the role of Chris Redfield who, having got wind of some dodgy arms deal involving Umbrella pharmaceuticals, sets off to annihilate the last remnants of the corporate giant.

However, typically Resident Evil, Chris soon finds himself way out of his depth and being pursued by wave after wave of mutated African villagers. Similar to Resident Evil 4, the locals find themselves convenient hosts for a new type of bio weapon, and Chris must fight his way through hordes preternatural mutants in an attempt to uncover some wider conspiracy.

Although the game may lack the atmosphere Resident Evil fans have come to expect, it is still a great adventure game with superb visuals and highly entertaining gameplay. This new style might not be for everyone, but Resident Evil 5 has had overwhelmingly good reviews and is certainly a wise investment for anyone who appreciates a decent action/adventure shooter.

Resident Evil 5 £19.98 @ Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

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