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Resident Evil 5 £9.98 @ Gamestation/Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Resident Evil 5 £9.98 @ Gamestation/Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]While traditionalists like me might miss solving random puzzles in atmospheric settings like Racoon City Police Station (a place which I couldn’t help but notice didn’t have one single toilet), and hording random items like the cog and square crank, Resident Evil 5 won’t fail to strike a chord with those who enjoy a fast paced-action-adventure. The game is currently up for only £9.98 at Gameplay and Gamestation (a price which beats the next best offer by almost £2).

While RE5 could probably still be described as a survival horror, the gameplay is very different from the slow-paced, dark, and moody style of traditional RE titles. Capcom have essentially cashed in all the horror for loads and loads of guns, and created a game which is like a cross between Black Hawk Down and Night of the Living Dead. The player assumes the role of Chris Redfield who is on the hunt for an illegal arms sale which is about to go down in some fictional region of Africa. And after another one of Umbrella’s Bio-weapons is unleashed, Chris and partner Sheva have to contend with a viral outbreak which has infected hundreds of African villagers.

But while the game is intense and packed full of action, I personally felt disappointed by Capcom’s break with convention. While I can understand the need to provide something different, it felt as though they were just filling in the void with loads more weapons and enemies. And while this is not such a bad thing, I felt they should have compensated for the lack of puzzles and chilling atmosphere with something a little more deep. So while RE5 provides an entertaining romp through the heart of Africa armed with an MP5 and loads of grenades (and is visually superb), it essentially ends up little more than just another shooter.

Thanks to Goonertillide from Hotukdeals.

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