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Resident Evil 5 Wireless Entertainment Pack £24.99 @ Play [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Resident Evil 5 Wireless Entertainment Pack £24.99 @ Play [XBox 360 Games]

For £24.99 you can get your hands on a copy of Resident Evil 5 and a black wireless XBox 360 controller from Play. Usually the controller alone would set you back at least this price—cheapest currently available is £24.85 from Shop To (though you can get the cheaper white versions for around £20), while the best deal for the game by itself right now is £14.85 (also Shop To).

This is a fantastic package if you were in the market for both items, saving you almost £15, and even if you were just after a new control pad, there's certainly no harm in being able to nab a free game while you're at it!

Most 360 games now come furnished with excellent multiplayer options and so it's pretty much essential that you have at least one extra controller, not least because you then always have the option of inviting attractive strangers round to your place for some hardcore co-op action. Although the Play page is ridiculously unhelpful, I am assured that this pack comes with the official wireless black controller.

Resident Evil 5 is a decent choice of game for a Wireless Entertainment pack as it allows you and a partner to tackle the campaign as beefy but boring Chris Redfield and his attractive (but, yep, kinda boring) partner Sheva. Despite its age, Resident Evil 5 still stands up as a stunning looking game with fantastic production values. It's also a blast to play with tight controls and plenty of super speedy zombies/mutants/whatever to shoot into smithereens.

Resi 5 is a very entertaining and well made game but the problem is that it's missing everything that made the series unique and special. Survival horror this is not. The fourth instalment revolutionised the franchise, to great effect, but 5 just seems to take elements away without offering anything much in their place. While the addition of a constant companion certainly shakes up the gameplay, it often feels like far more of a hindrance than it does a fun addition. The creepy, atmospheric environments and tension are gone and the game instead relies on a ugly beasties and sprinklings of gore to add a fear factor, which frankly doesn't quite cut it. Another appealing factor of its predecessor was the character of Leon S. Kennedy who somehow managed to be loveable, goofy and kinda cool all at the same time, Redfield on the other hand is really lacking in personality and therefore a lot less fun to play.

Furthermore, while I don't subscribe the "Resident Evil 5 is totally racist!!!" camp, I did find certain elements of the game to be pretty distasteful and questionable which definitely added to my lack of interest in a further playthrough after completing it the first time.Resident Evil 5 Wireless Entertainment Pack £24.99 @ Play [XBox 360 Games]

While I found Resident Evil 5 to be a big disappointment, it is still a great quality game that looks fantastic and is a lot of fun and it is certainly a nice freebie if you were looking to buy a black 360 control pad anyway.

Thanks to Matt89 at Hotukdeals!

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