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Resident Evil Producer Agrees With Inafune, Promises To 'Expand The IP'

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, GDC 2012, Keiji Inafune, Resident Evil

Resident Evil Producer Agrees With Inafune, Promises To 'Expand The IP'

More "Offshoot Titles" In The Works

Ex-Capcom creative director Keiji Inafune had a few choice words for the Japanese games industry yesterday, calling it out as "closed-minded" and a shadow of its former glorious self. However, the father of Mega Man also suggested that studios needed to innovate with their IPs in order to succeed, and Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata has publicly agreed with the sentiment.

Kawata pledges to research "around the world" to ensure that Resident Evil games have international appeal, as well as offering several new spin-off titles for the Resi franchise.

The Capcom producer showed his colours during a GDC panel about Resident Evil: Revelations

As Inafune said yesterday, perhaps we Japanese developers need to re-evaluate. I agree with portions of what he said. The reason is that he used to be my boss, and if I disagree with him… I'm just kidding.

I think we should be researching more, researching what the world wants and what sells around the world. I think we can study more and hopefully make more products that will be accepted and enjoyed around the world.

In more concrete news, Kawata revealed that more "offshoot titles" will be heading to the Resident Evil franchise, on top of portable Resident Evil: Revelations and frantic shooter Operation Raccoon City. All while making a little joke about the fact that he can't reveal anything more about Resi 6 for the time being.

I hear that they're going to be releasing a Resident Evil 6. But in addition to that I hope that we can continue to do these offshoot titles and expand the IP more.

I really hope that, moving forward, we'll be able to make new Resident Evils for new markets… that people really won't know what's coming.

We recently discussed this issue in a lively PWNcast debate - and while we agree that Japanese development could use some serious freshening up, we're worried about the number of Japanese studios who are losing their identity by pandering to Western audiences. [EG]

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