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Resident Evil: Raccoon City Announced, SOCOM Developers At The Helm

Felix Kemp
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Resident Evil: Raccoon City Announced, SOCOM Developers At The Helm

UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is due for release this winter, on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The joint collaboration between the Japanese publisher and Western developers, Slant Six Studios, offers a new spin on the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3, with Umbrella forces battling spec ops units and "bio-organic weapons" for control of the titular city. Fan-favorite Leon Kennedy is present. And he can be killed.

Operation Raccoon City boasts co-op for up to four players in the single-player mode, with a competitive online option allowing up to three warring factions - Umbrella forces, spec ops units and bio-organic weapons - to duke it out.

Capcom has already announced Resident Evil Revival Selection, which features remastered versions of Code Veronica and RE4, but now we have yet another zombie shooter to add to the list. Resident Evil: Raccoon City, developed by SOCOM creators Slant Six, is due this autumn for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, having been outed by the Official Xbox Magazine.

Set during Resident Evil 2, Raccoon City pits three separate squads against each other in the eponymous city. You can choose from the Umbrella Security Services, scouring the area for survivors and zombies alike so as to "eliminate evidence" of their company's involvement, along with US Spec Ops forces and so-called "bio-organic weapon monsters", forged by Umbrella themselves.

Raccoon City isn't shaping up to be a traditional survival-horror experience, either. It's described as a much more run-and-gun affair, with ammunition plentiful and the now ubiquitous XP-meter to be filled and topped. Each squad has a number of specific characters - hopefully not as poorly-written as usual Resident Evil fare - and each individual features unique abilities, such as Umbrella's Vector, who can cloak himself in an invisible field.

It's an exciting time for Resident Evil, with Capcom in adventurous mode in allowing a Western developer to spin the series in a new direction. A number of other titles are available - mostly nostalgic HD throwbacks - but you can't ever complain of Capcom not being generous with their output! [Eurogamer]

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Sam  Mar. 25, 2011 at 07:57

Slant Six didn't create SOCOM, they just did the PSP spinoff and the multiplayer only PS3 game.

Gunn  Mar. 25, 2011 at 09:10

Also just noticed RE Directors Cut came out on PSN

DrTrouserPlank  Mar. 25, 2011 at 09:50

Sounds atrocious.

Basically another shooter (probably third person) all about the online. Sounds like Resident Evil meets MAG. Dire!

What a complete waste of time this will be. I hope this rubbish doesn't delay RE6 development.


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