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Resistance 2 £17.59 @ Argos [PS3 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Resistance 2 £17.59 @ Argos [PS3 Game]

The war with the Chimera spills onto American shores as the infected Nathan Hale struggles to contend with the invasion and his own transformation, in Resistance 2, available from Argos for just £17.59!

According to a price-comparison, Argos’ offer for Resistance 2 is the cheapest you can find! Resistance 2 is the archetypal sequel, building upon the foundation the original set, but never straying far from the building-site, averaging an 87/100 on MetaCritic. It was awarded a perfect score from G4 TV, who claimed “there’s something magnificent in the campaign’s execution”.

Despite our best efforts, the Chimera have spread beyond Europe, finding America and conquering it within days. Nathan Hale, who was among the American forces deployed to England in the original, returns to his homeland, infected with the Chimeran virus responsible for the global destruction. He is captured by a clandestine organisation of similarly infected soldiers, who help to stall his transformation. Hale, now a member of these elite commandos, is tasked with removing the Chimera from America.

Resistance 2 may appear to be yet another military game with an alien-invasion theme, but its defining feature is its scale. It is simply immense, with sweeping vistas, bustling conflicts and colossal creatures. Certain Chimeran foes fill the screen, brushing past skyscrapers and swatting aircraft like flies.

It also boasts an impressive suite of multiplayer options, with an 8-player co-operative campaign running parallel to Hale’s plight, and 60-player competitive multiplayer. Frantic and yet rewarding, the multiplayer is sure to grasp fans for months, if not years, until the inevitable third Resistance game is released!

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Adam2050  Aug. 13, 2009 at 09:35

Currently playing this little gem, think I only paid tree fidy for it and then fidy pee postage.

This game actually makes me nervous in places, very cool game, worth the punt at this price. Can be frustrating in part but has a cracking one player as well as a cracking co-op.

Multiplayer is wicked too 64 players in one game, no lag one of the reasons it has great replay ability.

Felix Kemp  Aug. 13, 2009 at 18:47

Yeah, it's got great atmosphere. Especially the bit in San Fran where the Grims are all hatching! The only problem I have is with the difficulty; it's very much a trial-and-error game, which I'm not too fond of.


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