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Resistance 3 Cuts Online To 16 Player, Beta Out This Year

Felix Kemp
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Resistance 3 Cuts Online To 16 Player, Beta Out This Year

Remember when Resistance was always Sony's go-to boast for online player-count? The first game threw forty in the mix, the second sixty, and the third? Sixteen. No, not sixteen hundred. Not sixteen thousand. Six-teen. Yes, Insomniac is cutting Resistance 3's player-count to focus on "the fun times" fans had on the smaller, more intimate maps in previous games. And to make up for this, they're including a slew of new features.

Speaking on the official Playstation blog, James Stevenson, community manager at Insomniac Games, told fans the studio had learned a lot from their past two Resistance titles. They're done with showing off ridiculous player-counts and have discerned what fans truly enjoy. Resistance 3 promises to offer a "very deep and customizable progression system", and Insomniac have realized fans enjoyed picking and upgrading a specific role in their team, be it a health-bestowing medic or run-and-gun commando, and have tailored the experience in R3 accordingly.

For instance, you can pick and choose from a variety of support abilities, like the Bubble Shield - hello Bungie! - or the Ammo Beacon, which rewards teammates with ammunition. Then you have tactical options, like being able to project a hologram - hello Bungie! - of yourself to trick your enemies, or employ a sudden burst of speed to escape tricky situations. Insomniac also described a frankly insane ability where, upon death, a Leaper alien bursts from your corpse, presumably to wreak vengeful havoc. Sounds a little like the Martyrdom perk from Modern Warfare. If you're currently bouncing up and down in your chair with excitement, I'm about to send you through the ceiling. A beta is out for Resistance 3 this year. [Playstation Blog]

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Gunn  Mar. 3, 2011 at 15:10

There was a bit of a race going on to see how many players each MP game could have, in this case I say smaller is better.


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