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Resistance 3

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Resistance 3
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Resistance 3 Review | Gun Porn Montage

Brendan Griffiths
FPS games, Games reviews, Insomniac Games, PS3 games, Resistance 3, Sony
Resistance 3 | Playstation 3

Resistance 3 Review | Gun Porn Montage

Platform: PS3
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony

With Insomniac Games moving onto a multi-format future with Overstrike, this could well be the final Resistance title on the PS3. It was PS3 gamer’s first FPS love, but since then it has always been overshadowed by the technical powerhouse of Killzone. So how will the series bow out?

You now play as Joe Capelli, (R2 SPOILER!) the man forced to kill Nathan Hale as the Chimera virus finally overcame the former hero. Despite Capelli’s hand being forced, he was given a dishonourable discharge from the army. Four years later, the Chimera are still slowly strangling the remains of the human race from the earth and we find Capelli living with a small group of survivors and his wife and child.

Resistance 3 Review | Gun Porn Montage

Naturally the quiet can’t last, mainly thanks to one Dr. Malikov coming to find Joe to enable his help. The old doctor leads the enemy right to the base making for a frantic escape and a painful decision for Joe to leave his family and head to New York with the Doctor so they can destroy a tower that’s slowly freezing the world to death.

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