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Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

Matt Gardner
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Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

Housemarque's Resogun is a cracking little game, and we said as much in our review:

It's a great little PS Plus pack-in for new adopters, and will no doubt please genre fans immensely on the harder difficulty settings with a purity of purpose and execution that makes for a deliciously balanced and focused slice of SHMUP action. -- 8/10

But it can be pretty damn tough on the higher difficulty levels, so here are a few little Resogun tips and tricks to help you save the last humans and run down some alien scum. Welcome to the Resogun Survival Guide!

Choose the right ship for you

Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

  • Nemesis: The fastest, most agile of the three, the Nemesis also has homing missiles in its favour, meaning that if you can improve its laser capabilities, you'll be in possession of an unstoppable, incredibly manoeuvrable machine with great Boosting capabilities. Unfortunately, though, the tradeoff is an Overdrive that takes forever to charge and lasts for a painfully short time. It's a strong beginner's ship, but you might want to move on after you've gotten to grips with things.
  • Ferox: The all-rounder. Your bog-standard SHMUP staple. Unassuming lasers, unassuming stats. Not bad at anything, but not exactly the best either. Actually really boring.
  • Phobos: My personal favourite. Combines a long-range laser with a short-range shotgun blast of sorts. What it lacks in Boost and handling, it makes up for with an Overdrive meter that's easy to fill and lasts for an age. It's the best boss-killing machine out of the three, and if you dare to mix things up at close-range (the headless chicken fearless approach is pretty much my MO for everything), it'll stand you in good stead.

Remember to use your Boost!

Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

I always forget this one, but the Boost is an outstanding tool for getting out of a tight spot. Not only does it let you smash through anyone in your way, but there's a little charge blast that blast enemies close by when you come to a stop. But use it lightly, as it has to charge all of the way back up before you can use it again. Feathering the Boost allows for quick turnaround.

Watch out for the Keepers

When your DualShock 4 starts blaring "Keepers detected!" that means a human is about to be released. Don't look for the human, look for the enemies that'll appear glowing green. They need to be destroyed in order to free the human. Sometimes they'll appear following a set, string-like path, sometimes they'll be free-flying. Be careful of enemies glowing red -- usually they'll come accompanied by a single foe in green that you must take out first. Destroy the reds before you take out that first green ship and your human will drop dead, and that's bad because...

Save the humans!

Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

The more humans you save, the more likely you are to survive as they'll start dispensing useful rewards such as lives and bombs, which are essential for a long run at the Arcade leaderboards and incredibly useful when you're pinned down.

Don't throw humans

It might look cool, and you'll get a little satisfied buzz from slam dunking a human, but throws can go wrong all too easily. Stick to the basics -- boost around to get to your target, and the carve an easy path to the safety of the nearest green beam. Unless you're playing Human Basketball with a mate in co-op, use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Save your Overdrive for the bosses if you can

Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

Overdrive is a great weapon for getting out of a tight spot, but generally it's better to use bombs against the regular enemies and save the Overdrive where possible for the bosses. You'll be able to see in the bar at the bottom of the screen where you're at in terms of progression through the level, so judge your Overdrive use accordingly. When it comes to the bosses, quite often Overdrive can cut straight to the core, especially if you're rocking the Phobos ship.

Start over

If you're chasing those high scores and you cop it, the best thing to do is to start over as Resogun charts your marathon score in Arcade mode. It's no good dipping into singular levels because you'll need the boosts and multipliers from levels before. It's a long haul, certainly, but worth it if you can make it down the stretch.

Bombs are great, unless you're score attacking

Resogun Survival Guide | Tips and Tricks for Housemarque's Stellar SHMUP

Bombs are wonderful because they obliterate everything on the map and bump your multiplier sky high. But be careful when using them if you're gunning for a high score because that multiplier won't mean anything if you lose it two seconds later because there's nobody around to fight.

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