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Resonance of Fate £21.95 @ Zavvi [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Resonance of Fate £21.95 @ Zavvi [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Today Zavvi's Deal of the Day is Tri Ace's super demanding JRPG, Resonance of Fate. Even without the extra saving from the voucher code, Zavvi's price undercuts the next best, £27.85 from Shop To(XBox 360, PS3) by £4—use Zavvi's current promo code and you can take off an extra 2.

To get the game for £21.95, use voucher code: APRIL2

Resonance of Fate takes place in a distant future in which the Earth's atmosphere has become choked by vast clouds of poisonous gas which cover the sky and have all but exterminated humanity. The remnants of the human race manage to survive thanks to the Basel, a giant device they created to purify the air. Civilisation begins to refind its feet and a society flourishes around Basel, until one day it starts to malfunction...

In terms of graphics, the characters' clothes are slathered in lavish detail and attention but sadly the same cannot be said of the samey environments that they inhabit which could really use some more detail. The sound is similarly unremarkable, with hit and miss voice acting and a fair bit of dodgy music. Thankfully the unique combat system is pretty special. It's certainly challenging and may have you scratching your head in wonder that you could be felled so quickly by such seemingly insignificant enemies at first but once you get the hang of it  you're likely to find it very satisfying and immersive.  Success demands a good deal of strategic thinking but also a good deal of grinding so those less fond of JRPGs are probably best off steering clear. The story is also decent, with a good balance of comedy and drama and manages to stay interesting throughout its 40 hour life span.

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