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Respawn Entertainment Site Teases New Game

Jonathan Lester
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Respawn Entertainment Site Teases New Game

A Blurry Prison For "Multiplatform Product?"

We've been waiting to see what Respawn, the studio formed by the ex-Infinity Ward creatives West and Zampella, is actually planning to offer us. Beyond an FPS, obviously. Intel has been fairly sporadic since Activision's shock gutting of Infinity Ward last year, but they've finally gotten around to building a website that should help keep us in the loop.

More interesting, however, is a blurry screenshot/concept artwork of their project in progress... and the news that Respawn have managed to poach some God Of War 3 designers to the cause. More details below.

Respawn.com is open for business, marking today as the day that Respawn technically became an entity in its own right rather than having to talk through EA. It's a decent enough site, but the main event is an extremely blurry screenshot or piece of concept art that depicts a "multi-platform product based on new video game IP."

Respawn Entertainment Site Teases New Game

Well, we did warn you it was blurry... but it's possible to make a few things out. Especially if you squint. The right hand side of the screen is clearly dominated by a rounded hangar or silo, with a number of searchlight towers sprouting out of it and a fenced area on the right. Could it be a prison complex? You can clearly see the path leading up to it. Elsewhere, it's pretty much all good old fashioned destroyed cityscapes and some mountains in the distance.

It's all just speculation for now, but what we do know is that Respawn has attracted several developers and artists who worked on God Of War III over from Santa Monica Studios. They've been quietly accruing talent for months now... and we can't wait to see what they came up with.

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