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Black Isle Seeks Crowd Funding For Post-Apocalyptic Prototype Pitch...

Jonathan Lester
Black Isle Studios, Crowd Funding, Interplay

... And Their Resurrection

The recently-reformed Black Isle are seeking crowd funding for a new post-apocalyptic RPG entitled PV13, in order to create a prototype that will convince Interplay management to fully "resurrect" the studio.

"You will create a character to represent yourself within the game world," explains the pitch, which is accompanied by a profoundly bizarre video message embedded above. "Your character will be a hardy adventurer from a variety of backgrounds; one of the last remaining humans, a new breed mutant, or a technologically advanced cyborg. The choice is yours."

"You will experience grand adventures to gather the resources and ancient technologies as well as fight back the enemy hordes. Your character will gain experience, advance skills, learn new talents, and gain access to incredibly powerful equipment. Or die trying.”

We'd actually advise you to exercise extreme caution for the time being, for a number of reasons. Firstly, almost all of the founding Black Isle developers found new positions at other studios, and only a handful of staff have been confirmed (including Fallout developer Chris Taylor). Secondly, you have to pay up front rather than pledging over 30 days, which is a bit rich to say the least. Concept art consists of only the tiniest scraps. And finally... you're paying for them to develop a proof of concept prototype that will convince Interplay to fully fund the Black Isle Studio - not a full game - with the only rewards being access to an exclusive forum.

This seems like an awkward and rather embarrassing return for the once-legendary studio, and we're not sure whether they've done anywhere near enough to deserve - let alone secure - the necessary funding.

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