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Retro Studios To Helm Next Zelda Game?

Felix Kemp
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Retro Studios To Helm Next Zelda Game?

Miyamoto Considering Metroid Prime Studio

It's always a little curious to think a new Zelda game is in the shops. The development period is often so long, the game becomes something of a myth. Well, Skyward Sword is a reality, and with Link's latest adventure released, Nintendo has turned their attention to the next title in the Zelda series. And might they be taking the radical step of not only including a new team in developing said title, but a Western outfit who revitalized the Metroid series?

"As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past," Nintendo's creative genius, Shigeru Miyamoto, told Wired in a candid chat. Retro collaborated with Nintendo in 2002 to create Metroid Prime, a first-person re-imagining of the classic Samus Aran series. Widely considered one of the GameCube's best ever titles, Retro was snapped up by Nintendo almost immediately.

Now an first-party studio, Miyamoto reveals Nintendo often speaks to Retro regarding further in-house property titles, such as Zelda. "And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration," Miyamoto reveals. However, almost all the Zelda titles have been created in-house at Nintendo, and the prospect of a Western developer handling development is an intriguing, if slightly worrying, idea.

"People often say that videogames made by Western developers are somehow different in terms of taste for the players, in comparison with Japanese games," Miyamoto muses. "We were able to join forces in order to realize a variety of different courses, a variety of different tastes. I think that's one reason how it worked out well between a Japanese development team and a Western development team."

It's early days yet, but Retro have already revealed they're working on the Wii U title "everyone wants us to do". While the obvious answer here would be a next-gen Metroid game, might Retro actually be hard at work on a Zelda game instead? [Wired]

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Bobness2  Dec. 14, 2011 at 16:29

This could be interesting. Zelda has pretty much always been developed in-house by Nintendo - with the exceptions of The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon developed by Animation Magic and Zelda's Adventure developed by Viridis for the Philips CDI and Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons co-developed by Capcom for the GameBoy Color.
The CDI games (the only ones not developed by Nintendo at all) were, quite frankly, rubbish. The 'Oracles' were both very good Zelda games, in the spirit of Link's Awakening for the GameBoy, but with some elements (such as some of the Megaman-style boss battles) that were quite obviously a result of Capcom's involvement. That was no bad thing, so if we end up with a game that retains all of the elements that Nintendo put into Zelda games that make them great, but with some original elements from Retro cleverly worked in, they could be onto a fresh, but no less awesome, entry in the Zelda series.

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