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From the "World's Biggest Assholes" to Darkspore and Darkness - News Roundup 26th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Infamous 2

Master Chief to Return in Future Halo Games

From the "World's Biggest Assholes" to Darkspore and Darkness - News Roundup 26th July 2010

Slight spoiler alert. Master Chief has finished the fight, saved the galaxy, broken a Covenant, accidentally roadkilled dozens of loyal marines and settled down for a well-deserved cryosleep... but apparently, there'll be no rest for the wicked. Frank O' Connor, the ex-Bungie dev in charge of the fledgling 343 Industries (the new custodians of the Halo universe), has stated that our favourite cyborg/pop culture figure will star in future Halo games. In fact, they'd be "the world's biggest assholes" if the Chief didn't make a triumphant return. Their words.

“We’d have to be the world’s biggest assholes not to follow through,” said O’Connor. "We certainly haven’t seen the last of Master Chief."

This will come as a great relief to many Halo fans... but 343 have a long road ahead of them. Currently they've only got a dashboard portal and some nifty anime shorts under their belt- and it's important that they prove themselves to their loyal fanbase. With any luck, they'll be able to take over Halo Reach's server maintenance and community support from Bungie sooner rather than later in order to prove their mettle.

This story follows in the wake of last week's quiet Linkedin revelation that 343 Industries are working on a new IP (now removed). [via  VG247]

inFamous 2's New/Old Cole Spotted?

From the "World's Biggest Assholes" to Darkspore and Darkness - News Roundup 26th July 2010

Sucker Punch have been hard at work developing inFamous 2 (the upcoming sequel to last year's electrifying sandbox+ hit)- and from what we've seen, it's coming along nicely. However, Cole's new redesign was universally panned by fans and pundits alike, with even diehard inFamous veterans queuing up to rag on the smug, hairy and thoroughly hateful reincarnation. As we reported last week, Sucker Punch have decided to renege on the decision- and a new vidoc confirms that they've gone back to the drawing board.

Here's the video in question- be sure to look out for the 'new' art design at around 2:45. As we said last week, we're glad that's sorted out... now let's get back to explosive gameplay trailers already! [Examiner]

Digital Extremes Developing The Darkness 2?

From the "World's Biggest Assholes" to Darkspore and Darkness - News Roundup 26th July 2010

Remember The Darkness? No, not the delightfully silly band. Sunbreeze Studios delivered an gothic, gory and glorious (goryous?) FPS back in 2007... and hardly anyone played it. However, a leaked resume from Digital Extremes developer Emmanuel Pappas mentions that texture work, prop design and environmental modelling is already underway for a sequel.

This is still just a rumour at this stage- and it's possible that this resume listing simply chronicles a cancelled collaboration between Digital Extremes and Sunbreeze. Watch this space. [Superannuation]

Bioware Helping Out With Darkspore

From the "World's Biggest Assholes" to Darkspore and Darkness - News Roundup 26th July 2010

As we predicted, EA Maxis recently revealed a hack 'n' slash RPG set in the Spore universe. Darkspore is based around the concept of "making cool characters with the Spore creator and [beating] each other in the face," with a range of classes, loads of loot and a rock/paper/scissors battle mechanic. More excitingly, however, is that EA have leveraged RPG giant Bioware into helping out.

Put simply, Bioware have never made a bad game... or anything even remotely resembling a bad game (though it's reasonable to argue that this is due to the fact that they continually release the same game in different settings)... and the fact that they're collaborating on the project is great news for Maxis, the franchise and us. We don't yet know exactly what Bioware are bringing to the table, but we'll keep you posted. With any luck, it'll be a cynical, sarcastic robot character. Bioware's great at those. [Gamespot]

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