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Revenge Of The Titans | £4.98 | GamersGate | PC & Mac (Both Included)

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games, Puppy Games, Strategy games
Revenge Of The Titans | PC
Revenge Of The Titans | £4.98 | GamersGate | PC & Mac (Both Included)

As I raved and screamed about in our full review earlier this year, Revenge of the Titans is an addictive fusion of Tower Defence and Real Time Strategy from the nu-retro masters at Puppy Games. The standard premise of building turrets to has been revitalised with a range of base structures and manual reloads that require turrets to be clicked on when they’re out of ammo. Clever placement and canny resource gathering is therefore the order of the day- especially since new tech can be researched after each battle. Put simply, Revenge of the Titans is an accessible and deep experience that’s bursting with humour and personality. Why not check out the free demo?

GamersGate are currently offering a huge discount on the RRP, and even throw in a bonus Mac copy for good measure. Sweet.

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MrRobin  Aug. 2, 2011 at 14:00

I consider myself a bit of a Tower Defence veteran, having played the genre pretty much since it's inception in various flash based games on Newgrounds.com and such.

I found Revenge of the Titans fiendishly difficult and actually quite frustrating. I thought the game mechanics were very odd... why can't I continue to harvest the resources after the last wave? Why don't the Titans follow the path to the base? Why can't I see the benefit of the technology before I research it??


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