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From A Reviewer-Metacritic Rejected to Balls of Steel Reveal – News Roundup 11th February 2011

Carl Phillips
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Duke Nukem Forever | Mass Effect 2

“Metacritic For Reviewers” Idea Pitched and Rejected

From A Reviewer-Metacritic Rejected to Balls of Steel Reveal – News Roundup 11th February 2011

Earlier this week David Braben, boss of Frontier and the man behind Kinectimals suggested that reviewers should be subject to a system similar to Metacritic to inform the public if the reviewer’s opinions can be trusted, arguing that most reviewers are looking at certain games with a “core-gamer” perspective.

A problem starts to occur when the audiences’ tastes differ significantly from the reviewer’s – or developer’s – own tastes," he adds. "This is becoming more of an issue as our industry matures to include a great many people outside this group – particularly so if the group targeted is not just this ‘core’."

Braben noted that this kind of thinking on the reviewer's behalf is fine if his audience matches their work, "but for a review on TV, on a website for kids and adults or in the mainstream media, it does not.

He even suggested that some reviewers wait to see what other people say before writing up their views, and that the reviews that go up immediately after a games release are usually spot on. While he did go on to state that reviewers have a hard job with “little glory” and that constantly good reviewers should be rewarded in some way, his words caused something of an outcry. However, unfortunately for Mr Braben, Metacritic co-founder Marc Doyle has rejected such an idea, and (armed with what some may call "common sense") stated that the audience is perfectly capable of deciding for themselves if a reviewer’s opinion resonates for them and deserves to be followed.

A critic's review and his or her score is an opinion - it's not right or wrong. We can judge the credibility of a critic based on the quality of his or her analysis, the depth of his or her experience in gaming, and a host of other criteria. We do exactly that when selecting critics at Metacritic.

He also rejected Braben's statement that the first to publish are usually right in their views, arguing that reviewers that are given more time to go through a game give a more well-reasoned article in the process. [Sprong] [Eurogamer]

Do you have an opinion on the subject? Perhaps you agree with Mr Braben’s idea? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Mass Effect 2 Wins Top Honour at AIAS Awards

From A Reviewer-Metacritic Rejected to Balls of Steel Reveal – News Roundup 11th February 2011

The 14th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, run by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science, took place in Las Vegas last night with the usual pomp & circumstance that follows such ceremonies, and those that watched the event were treated to an opening video featuring Duke Nukem and Borderlands’ own Claptrap up to his usual hijinks. On the awards front, Red Dead Redemption went away with five gongs to its name, although it didn’t manage to win the top honour of Game of the Year which went to Bioware’s Mass Effect 2, which walked away with an additional two awards.

Other winners included Heavy Rain, StarCraft 2, Limbo, and even Angry Birds HD catapulted its way to an award. You can get a full list of the winners and runners up at the official website located here.

What do you think about the winners and losers from last night’s event? Do you agree or disagree with the results? Sound off in the comments!

New Homefront “Resistance” Trailer Released

We are just one month away from the release of Kaos Studios’ FPS Homefront, in which you’ll be fighting to liberate an occupied America from some very angry North Koreans. In preparation Kaos Studios have released another trailer titled “The Resistance” which highlights some of the arenas of battle player will be visiting during the course of the game, as well as showing off some explosive action.

If you want to know more about the game, be sure to check out Brendon’s recent preview article here and multiplayer hands-on impressions here.

“Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel” Edition Announced

From A Reviewer-Metacritic Rejected to Balls of Steel Reveal – News Roundup 11th February 2011

After 13 years of development we only have to wait 13 more weeks until Duke Nukem Forever is finally in our hands, but today news has broken of a “Balls of Steel” Edition of the game which will be available for pre-order. Along with the game there will be an array of extra goodies, including an art book, art cards, some poker chips and dice, a set of cards, a certificate of authenticity to prove you aren’t lying and small statue of the main man himself.

We here at Dealspwn are looking forward to the return of one of gaming’s biggest icons (as you can tell from Matt’s preview here) and although there has not been details of UK-based retailers offering this Edition as of yet we’ll be sure to keep you posted the moment we hear of anything. [VG247]

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