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Rhythm Paradise £14.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]

Marius Goubert
DS games, Music Game, Rhythm Paradise
Nintendo DS

Rhythm Paradise £14.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]With games like Guitar: Hero, Rock Band, Singstar etc all dominating the interactive music game genre and playing on everyone’s secret desire to be a rock star, you would have thought there’d be little hope for a game like Rhythm Paradise. However, to be honest, it’s actually quite refreshing to get on something a bit less dramatic than all those other flashy music game titles.

Although RP won’t exactly have you drunkenly hurtling round the living room and destroying your parent’s furniture like Guitar Hero, it still provides some pretty tough tests of your musical competency. Currently the cheapest place to get hold of a copy of Rhythm Paradise is from The Hut where they are going for just £14.93.

Rhythm Paradise basically consists of a series of interactive mini-games which challenge the player to keep a particular rhythm by tapping the screen with the stylus, flicking it upwards or holding it down. The games themselves have that surreal WarioWare madness about them, and vary from things like shaking the tail of a female lizard in order to attract a mate, to assuming the role of a farmer and stomping the soil to reveal turnips, to flicking the beak of a Russian military stork…

Who knows what the designers had been smoking! However Rhythm paradise is as hilarious as it is insane, and is a game which would appeal to almost any age group. According to a Eurogamer review, the only small drawback is regarding its difficulty which is inconsistent. Also, the visuals can be off confusing and occasionally it is far easy to get the right rhythm by simply closing your eyes and listening. However the game still attained very good reviews (Eurogamer gave it 8/10) and, from parents to preschool children, this one would make a great Christmas gift.Rhythm Paradise £14.93 @ The Hut [DS Games]

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