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Rhythm Paradise £15.99 @ The Hut [Nintendo DS Game]

Marius Goubert
DS games, Music Game, Rhythm Paradise
Nintendo DS

Rhythm Paradise £15.99  @ The Hut [Nintendo DS Game]

If you remember banging the buttons of your PS controller to a cheesy hip hop beat while this chavy little puppy did freestyle, then you’ll instantly recognise what Rhythm Paradise has evolved from. So if you loved Parappa the Rappa and enjoy putting your musical competency to the test, why not check the latest interactive music game to have come out on DS. The Hut are offering Rhythm Paradise for just £15.99 which is a great saving given that the next best price according to price comparison is £19.79 from SimplyGames. Even better news if you’re a customer with MoreThan, as you’ll be able to claim an extra 7.5% discount (view the HUKD thread to find out how)!

Although Rhythm Paradise might sound similar to games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero it is actually very different. In many respects the game has more in common with Warioware (probably the most popular game to have at a good old drunken student party!) as it involves a series of quirkily animated mini games which initiate various challenges. Some of those are hilariously random, but unlike Warioware, the player must tap or flick the DS stylus in time with a particular beat sequence. The cues are not given visually, and instead the player must use their musical ear to progress through each level.

Like Parapper the Rapper, the player is given a score for their efforts. Usually this will consist of an OK rating, as it is extremely difficult to get SUPERB unless you are able to carry out each challenge flawlessly. However the reply value is high (although it is irritating that you cannot reply a challenge in game and have to quit to the main menu) and this is further reinforced by the comical animations. These range from things like 'The Farmer Challenge', where you stomp around the soil and catch turnips on the off beat, to games of table tennis, where you must strike the ball back and forth in time with the music.

Although it clearly borrows elements from various musical game titles, Rhythm Paradise still manages to have its own sense of novelty. The game is much more simple than those flashy Rock Star titles, but still offers players with a gaming experience which is both challenging and satisfying. So if you secretly harbour some real musical talent this is a great way to express it (unless you can play a real instrument of course!).

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Sam Bell  Jul. 14, 2009 at 17:47

HAHA remember parappa!!

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