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Rhythm Paradise: £8.00 @ Ebuyer [DS Games]

Matt Gardner
DS games, Music Game, Rhythm Paradise
Nintendo DS

Rhythm Paradise: £8.00  @ Ebuyer [DS Games]

A month or two back Marius dropped a deal post about a little DS game that played a lot like Parappa the Rapper meets WarioWare, and in spite of its seemingly simple premise was an absolute blast to play.

Well now you can pick up this fab slice of surreal musical mini-game mania for under a tenner as the folks at Ebuyer have brought it down to just £8 while stocks last. At this price it's nearly five pounds cheaper than Gamestracker's cheapest listed rival: Amazon Jersey - £12.92.

If you're here thinking that Rhythm Paradise is just yet another glossy interactive playlist for brightly coloured button mashing you couldn't be more wrong. Eschewing the rampant Guitar Hero/Rock Band formula, Rhythm Paradise opts for an approach that marries WarioWare's whimsical mini-game frenzy to a little bit of rhythmic stylus tapping. Essentially a massive collection of increasingly offbeat mini-games, the gimmick here is that they all involve rhythm in some way. With one screen for visuals and the other playing the role of your virtual drum pad, you're soon on your way. Marius provides a more in-depth look at the game mechanics here.

But is it any good? Is it worth your money? Well, the short answer is yes. Rhythm Paradise is a refreshing game that does something a little different with the whole 'music game' idea and is all the better for it. I've borrowed my sister's DS a countless number of times for this - it's particularly good for long train journeys, although near neighbours might not agree - and I keep coming back for more just because the mini-games are fantastically quirky, the poppy J-rock keeps getting stuck in my head, and there are a huge bunch of secret unlockables to get. Best of all, because the entire game seems to be built around a 'short-and-sweet' concept, it's equally as good for a spare five minutes as a long haul, cross-country sojourn.Rhythm Paradise: £8.00  @ Ebuyer [DS Games]

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