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Riccitiello: Mass Effect 3 The "Single Best Piece Of Software" For Wii U

Matt Gardner
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Riccitiello: Mass Effect 3 The "Single Best Piece Of Software" For Wii U

EA's CEO John Riccitiello has suggested that the Nintendo press conference highlighted Mass Effect 3 as currently the “best piece of software” that’s been announced for Wii U.

Speaking during an investor call last night, Riccitiello was confident that the feedback received from the audience when ME3 made a brief appearance indicates its enduring popularity, and flags it up as the frontline game for Wii U's launch later this year.

“We looked at the Wii U launch line-up yesterday and we’re very pleased there was a lot of applause for ME3,” Riccitiello said.

In fact I think it got one of the loudest applauses, so we’re pleased that people see it as the single best piece of software that’s been announced for the platform.”

We're rather baffled as to why anyone would play Mass Effect 3 without venturing into the previous two games, though if all you're looking for is a space-based shooter, there are worse options out there.

Then again, if we were getting a Wii U, we'd probably stick Pikmin 3 and LEGO City Undercover at the top of our list.

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phil16  Jun. 7, 2012 at 14:24

Right.... a game that will be almost a year old will be a 'top' game. EA are so up their own backsides its no wonder they can't see anything.

Guest00  Jun. 7, 2012 at 16:15

This speaks of desperation (and false confidence) for sales after the sky fell upon their heads.

Its a fair bet that those who gave applause were paid to do so, or only invited because they are EA's sycophants.


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