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Ridge Racer 3D | £14.99 | Amazon & Gameplay | 3DS

Jonathan Lester
3DS Games, Namco Bandai, Racing Games, Ridge Racer 3DS
Ridge Racer 3D | Nintendo 3DS
Ridge Racer 3D | £14.99 | Amazon & Gameplay | 3DS

Ridge Racer is... well, it's Ridge Racer. Its satisfying drift-heavy mechanics, fun tracks and selection of cars guarantees it a place in our hearts, and Ridge Racer 3D is the same game we've been playing for years with new 3D visuals. Newcomers to the series should probably go ahead and enjoy this deal (if they can stand Reiko constantly shouting "you're slipstreaming!"), but RR veterans will have seen it all before.

Note that the graphics are designed for extended periods of three dimensional play. Which is to say that they look fantastic when you enable the 3D mode... and absolutely, hilariously terrible when you don't.

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