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Rift | £18.97 | Amazon | PC

Felix Kemp

Rift | £18.97 | Amazon | PC

I'm not too familiar with Rift, and judging by its low, low pre-order price over at Amazon, neither are a lot of you. However, for under £20 you can nab a decent-sounding PC RPG - the best kind - which is a far better price than elsewhere, saving you 4 quid. Rift sounds like your standard RPG spruced up with a few catchy-sounding bullet points, like "massive dynamic battles" and "deeper gameplay", although I do think I've heard all that before. You be the judge.

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Threep  Apr. 9, 2011 at 01:38

As a note, Rift is an MMO-RPG, not a RPG alone.


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