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Rift-powered adventure game Loading Human points towards VR dream

Matt Gardner
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Rift-powered adventure game Loading Human points towards VR dream

Back at the start of the year, when I was gushing about virtual reality and how the Oculus Rift is going to change all of our lives, a good chunk of that was wishful thinking. It all depends how the industry and the consumer audience gets behind such technology; after all, that's what will really determine whether or not VR genuinely becomes a game-changer or remains a niche concern.

But it's happening already, and this announcement trailer for Loading Human is just one example of where we might be headed. It's an Oculus Rift-powered adventure game that uses motion controllers such as the Razer Hydra to immerse you in what sounds like a cracking piece dramatic sci-fi awesomeness.

Here's the official blurb from the Loading Human website:

LOADING HUMAN is an "old style" adventure game (like "Monkey Island", or "The Dig") but it is designed for virtual reality.

You are "Andrè", an obscure writer that will have to travel throughout his memories to be successfully loaded into an immortal robot. The game world is designed to fulfill all the needs of Virtual Reality gaming, including the use of the Oculus Rift and motion controllers that can simulate the movements of your hands: PICK UP objects, OPEN them orUSE them just like you would in real life, Interact with an immersive world where the story unravels itself around you.

Ohmygod I want it. This is everything I have been waiting for. Experiential, interactive, totally immersive entertainment? Yes, that is definitely a thing that I want. And the story sounds awesome. Nobel Prize Winner tries to preserve husband stricken with degenerative memory disease through robotics. Yes!

We can't wait to find out more.

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