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R.I.P. Microsoft Points, Hello Region-Specific Currency

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft, Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference, Microsoft Points, Xbox Live, Xbox One

R.I.P. Microsoft Points, Hello Region-Specific Currency

Some of the most persistent rumours surrounding Xbox Live have finally been confirmed: the Xbox One Marketplace will phase out Microsoft Points to be replaced by real money. The exact currency will depend on where you live, which will make things easier to budget for, but stop us stocking up on masses of cheap points for ludicrous savings.

I'm sure we won't miss having a random 40 MSP left at the bottom of the barrel, mind. We also learned that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will soon receive two free games per month, though the starting selection isn't all that inspiring...

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mrzootsuit  Jun. 10, 2013 at 22:25


Late  Jun. 11, 2013 at 00:09

Boo hiss. I like points. I stock up when they're cheap and save a tidy sum.
Example - bought far cry 3 from the xbla marketplace recently. It was £15 or 1760msp. I'd much prefer to buy 2100 points for £15 (typical price), buy the game, and have 340 spare points to put toward something else.
This is just another way for Microsoft to wring even more money from the punters, and it astounds me that some folks are applauding it.


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