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Rise Of Nightmares Features Bloody Violence, Filthy Language And Sexy Pasties

Jonathan Lester
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ESRB Lets New Details Slip

Rise Of Nightmares Features Bloody Violence, Filthy Language And Sexy Pasties

Back in September, Microsoft delighted us by announcing a number of 'hardcore' Kinect titles. Amongst them was Rise Of Nightmares; billed as a horror title from the team behind House Of The Dead. SEGA have been playing their cards close to their chest since then, but new information from the ESRB rating has revealed some exciting new details about the project.

Namely: impaling, profanity and pasty-covered boobs.

Thanks to the good folks over at Siliconera, the Rise Of Nightmares' ESRB listing has now hit the internet and is looking very interesting indeed. The game will be a first-person survival horror adventure that uses the Kinect sensor to directly control a selection of melee weapons (using gesture-based commands, we assume). The combat itself will be gory and exaggerated - and if the ESRB are to be believed - plain nasty.

This is a horror-adventure game in which players assume the role of an American tourist who must rescue his wife from a deranged scientist. From a first-person perspective, players use brass knuckles, knives, hatchets, and chainsaws to kill zombie-like creatures and disfigured monsters inside a mansion environment. Combat is highlighted by exaggerated sprays of blood, and damage often results in dismemberment or decapitation—stray body parts sometimes litter the ground.

"Intense" acts of violence include enemies being ripped apart, impaled on spikes or limbs being hacked clean off.

Sounds good, but you ain't seen nothing yet. According to the release, there'll be a huge amount of vulgar language, overt sexual references and scantily-clad female antagonists wearing "pasties" on their nipples. Not to be confused with the delicious Cornish delicacy. Shame.

During the course of the game, some female creatures are depicted in revealing outfits (e.g., ‘pasties’ that partially cover their breasts); in one sequence, a woman sits on the central character’s chest and engages in suggestive dialogue (e.g., ‘Oh, how I’ve thought of this—night after night. How I’ve missed these lips.’).

Okay. So it's going to be shocking. But we'll have to wait until later this year (according to the rough release window) before we know if it will be any good. More details as they come in.

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