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Rise of Nations

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Rise of Nations
  • PC from £ 4.50

Pride Of Nations | £9.72 | Gamersgate | PC

Jonathan Lester
AGEOD, Paradox Interactive, PC games, Strategy games
Rise of Nations | PC
Pride Of Nations | £9.72 | Gamersgate | PC

It took me a while to acclimatise to Pride Of Nations when I reviewed it back in June. Victorian era colonialism is as beardy and obtuse as you'd imagine, but after a couple of hours, the idea of creating an empire and expanding your reach throughout the globe is thoroughly addictive. Potential colonies and protectorates can be gained through diplomacy, threats, military force or plain sucking up - with the constant need to save face in front of your global peers.

If you missed Gamersgate's ridiculous launch offer, this is currently the cheapest price on the market.